MENTOR CORNER: DH-001 Dustin Heywood EvilMog - The Ethical Hacker


March 1st, 2022

43 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of the SIWIKE podcast, Luki and EvilMog talk about his learning challenges during high school, how he found his interest in computers, his involvement with DerbyCon, and how he became a part of IBM's x-force red. EvilMog also speaks about his Stuff I Wish I Knew Earlier and his future aspirations.

00:15 Dustin's career background
00:57 Dustin as a kid
06:09 Dustin in high school
08:17 Finding his interest in computers
09:04 Advice for those being picked on at school
11:49 Transitioning from high school to college
15:20 His struggles with group work
17:04 Transitioning from college to having jobs
25:39 Writing a will at 26
32:02 Got an offer from IBM
35:32 How he got his nickname 'EvilMog'
38:21 Dustin's SIWIKE
40:05 Future aspirations

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