MENTOR CORNER: AY-001 Anu Yogeswaran Intro and SIWIKE


May 4th, 2021

41 mins 7 secs

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About this Episode

Anu is a computer information systems grad turned project manager who has started a program to empower gen-Z with leadership skills.

She shares being
01:54 Quiet Not motivated to learn as a kid

02:42 Loved the performing arts, though stuck with computer science as "That's where the money is"

05:09 Decision not to be a doctor, engineer

06:33 University she decided this (computer science) was right

07:37 International student and choosing Nova Scotia

10:09 Culture shock

11:58 Moving to Toronto as a diverse city and still had culture shock

16:01 Working during university as Marketing coordinator, Residence painting

19:08 Learned importance of leadership

21:26 Took formal training

22:52 Body language

27:27 Interest in training

29:52 Confidence levels increase

31:23 Youth program at Toastmasters

32:48 SIWIKE

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